Are you a start-up looking to build sustainable solutions, using sustainable technologies?

Scotland aims to be a world-class entrepreneurial nation founded on a culture that encourages, promotes and celebrates entrepreneurial activity in every sector of the economy.

IPHatch® is an Open Innovation competition which connects entrepreneurs and emerging start-ups with access to impactful sustainable technologies from multinational corporations.

IPHatch® is owned and operated by Intellectual Property (IP) Investment Bank, Piece Future. Piece Future is an Asia-headquartered and innovation-driven Intellectual Property bank who manages IP-rich corporations, institutions, SMEs and start-ups worldwide, offering strategic IP banking and innovation services ranging from IP Investment Advisory, IP Asset Management, Capital Advisory and Innovation Platforms.

This competition, the first of its kind in the UK, will be hosted by City of Glasgow College, in association with the Scottish Institute of Innovation & Knowledge Exchange (Scottish IKE).

This unique programme comprises 4 stages, ordinarily over a 3-month period, including a series of thematic seminars on exciting topics like overseas market expansion, sustainable impact and IP education, workshops and IPHatchathon®.

This model of Open Innovation, will:

  • Help start-ups leverage on an Open Innovation concept.
  • Provide sustainable technologies from multinational corporations, connecting entrepreneurs and emerging start-ups with access to vital resources & networks globally.
  • Build sustainable solutions towards a greener future through start-ups, creating economic, environmental and social impact.
  • Unlock growth potential of startups in key economic sectors including; Digital Healthcare, Financial Tech, Sustainable Energy, Data Analytics, Smart Logistics and Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AI, AR and VR).

The IPHatch® challenge will offer patents from globally recognised, multi-national organisations.

Examples of some of the Patents being opened up are:

Neural Network Superhighway
US9792547 (Panasonic)

  • A neural network circuit and learning method for it.
  • Able to calculate an error in accordance with time difference between the output signal, and the teaching signal in correspond to the output signal.
  • Capable of appropriately perform an error back-propagation learning operation.

The Agri-tech 4.0
US9689131 (Panasonic)

Title of Patent: Water collecting structure

  • A water collecting structure capable of efficiently recovering water that falls and permeates in a soil layer.
  • Able to collect water from an upstream side to a downstream side between a first soil layer and a second soil layer located below the first soil layer.
  • It is unlikely to be broken by civil engineering or the like (e.g.: Heavy machine in civil engineering or farm work, ground changes like earthquake).

Reliable New Cloud
US8131961 (Nokia)

  • A reliable storage of data within a distributed storage system.
  • Plurality of storage elements of unspecified system reliability.
  • Public network interconnecting the plurality of storage elements.
  • Reliability index control unit measuring a plurality of storage element reliability indexes associated with the plurality of storage elements.

Stay tuned for more patents!

If you are interested in participating in this unique competition or would like to know how your organisation can become part of the IPHatch® Ecosystem, you can register to attend the IPHatch® Scotland launch at:

City of Glasgow College, City Campus, 190 Cathedral Street, Glasgow G4 0RF

The event will take place on Thursday 10th November between 15.00 – 18.00 – Register Now