Scotland’s largest college, City of Glasgow College has become the first organisation in the UK to simultaneously secure a combination of the Digital Maturity Assured (DMA) accreditation and the Investor in Innovations standard aligned to ISO 56002. 

The Investor in Innovations® Framework offers a 360-degree diagnostic of an organisation’s innovation position through the eyes of its customers and stakeholders. The College retained this validation with best practice across six overall categories.  

The Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE®) Digital Maturity Assured Framework® helps organisations progress its digital maturity journey. The level of digital maturity gives an effective benchmark that provides an overall impression on the pace of digital transformation.  In our first assessment, the college secured full compliance across all but one categories, with one category of best practice identified. 

Paul Little, Principal & Chief Executive of City of Glasgow College, said: 

“At City of Glasgow College, innovation is ingrained in our culture and values. Becoming the first organisation in the UK to achieve both DMA and I3 accreditations demonstrates our commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the opportunities provided by transformative technologies. We understand the ever-evolving landscape of technology and employment, and these accreditations demonstrate we are navigating these changes with confidence.” 

Stuart McDowall, Head of Innovation & STEM at City of Glasgow College, added: 

“I am thrilled to be part of a team and an institution that continues to showcase the innovative nature of what we do at the College. 

 To be the first organisation in the UK to simultaneously secure a combination of the DMA and I3 accreditations is not only recognition for the importance we place on continuous improvement, but I believe, shows strong evidence that we are strategically leveraging technology to innovate, whilst improving the experiences of our students, staff and stakeholders.” 

The IKE Institutes Innovation Council Validation panel of experts concluded: 

“This remarkable achievement highlights the college’s dedication to fostering an environment of digital excellence and driving innovation within education.

Through a commitment to continuous improvement and embracing cutting-edge technologies, the College has set a new standard in delivering quality education that meets the demands of the digital age.  These accreditations are testament to the College’s innovative strategies, ensuring that it remains both at the forefront of educational development and a leader in shaping the future of learning.”