Powered by Glasgow City of Science and Innovation, iKEN connects 25 of Europe’s leading cities of innovation to researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, policy-makers and investors world-wide to develop fresh ideas, share best practice and unlock the power of co-creation to transform innovation policy and practice around the world.

Experimenting. Engaging. Expanding. Empowering.

iKEN is a real-time networking platform which will allow you to access and share innovation news, ideas and opportunities, find new partners, ask questions, and manage collaborations.

The iKEN platform is a spin-out programme from the annual European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) competition, run by the European Commission.

iKEN was developed to profile the world-leading innovation ecosystems of the iCapital finalists and help them connect and collaborate with innovation actors around the world.

Regular events and live chats take place on the platform, providing a unique insight into the latest and most meaningful innovation occurring across Europe.

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