Glasgow Caledonian University is set to participate in a pioneering initiative that unites Scottish universities to confront the urgent challenges presented by the climate emergency.

The Scotland Beyond Net Zero partnership, involving key Scottish universities, local partners, and the Scottish Government, is dedicated to addressing climate emergency issues like clean energy, decarbonisation, and climate justice. This collaborative effort aims to enhance climate and sustainability research, encouraging interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral connections and initiatives. The goal is to develop a holistic approach to achieving a sustainable future.

At Glasgow Caledonian, sustainability is at the core of our values and actions. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and climate action is evidenced through various initiatives and research endeavours across our institution.

The University is home to the Mary Robinson Centre for Climate Justice, a pioneering research centre dedicated to addressing the unequal impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities worldwide. Through interdisciplinary research and advocacy, the Centre works towards promoting climate justice and resilience.

Additionally, our Built Environment Asset Management (BEAM) Centre boasts cutting-edge research in renewable energy, fuel policy, and sustainable cities and technologies. Furthermore, Glasgow Caledonian is actively engaged in community partnerships and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainability and empowering local communities.

We are the only Scottish university with EcoCampus Platinum accreditation and were ranked first in Scotland for sustainability in the most recent People and Planet league table.

Our commitment to civic engagement and student empowerment garnered recognition at the 2023 UK and Ireland Green Gown Awards, where we won the Benefitting Society award. Through initiatives such as the Magnusson Awards and the Common Good Award, which support student-led projects fostering positive change, the university showcases its dedication to sustainability and social responsibility, exemplified by impactful endeavours such as building water-dispensing sites in Nigeria and contributing to global initiatives like the United Nations Environment Programme’s climate-neutral strategy.

Professor Steve Decent, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, said: 

“By joining Scotland Beyond Net Zero, Glasgow Caledonian University reaffirms its commitment to driving positive change and fostering collaboration towards a sustainable future. Together, with our partners, we will continue to advance research, education, and practical solutions to address the challenges of the climate emergency and build a more resilient society for generations to come.”