The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists (IFOMPT) Conference is held every four years to celebrate innovation and research within neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

IFOMPT is an international body made up of 23 national groups specialising in postgraduate musculoskeletal physiotherapy. The theme for 2016 will be Expanding Horizons, with the main conference taking place at the SECC.

GCU will host one and two-day workshops with internationally renowned guest speakers on pain, rehabilitation and physiotherapy topics.

These include Dr Jeremy Lewis’ The Shoulder Theory and Practice; Christian Barton’s Running Retraining, Exercise and Performance; Dr Richard Bennett’s Acceptance, Mindfulness and Behaviour Change in Chronic Pain; and Dr Alison Grimaldi’s Rehabilitating the Painful Hip.

GCU has significant musculoskeletal health expertise, understanding the pathways that lead from primary disease mechanisms to impairment and disability across a range of rheumatic and musculoskeletal conditions. This includes inflammatory and degenerative joint and soft-tissue disease across adult and childhood forms of arthritis and regional musculoskeletal pain disorders.

GCU researchers are currently leading the £3.6m KNEEMO project, one of Europe’s largest ever investigations into the diagnosis and treatment of knee osteoarthritis, a painful condition which affects around 500,000 people in Scotland, including 25% of the over 70s.

Kay Keir, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, said: “GCU is delighted that this major conference is in Glasgow. It is a unique opportunity on our doorstep for staff and students to hear speakers who are world leaders in the field and to meet up with our international friends and colleagues. In particular, we are privileged to have been asked by the organisers to host the workshops on GCU campus and specifically to include our students in the events. As ever, a terrific number of our students have readily volunteered to take part for which we are most grateful.”



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