The video series is titled ‘#WhatIActuallyDo’ and features Hyspec Engineering’s Megan Forrest, GSK apprentice Chloe Greig, Woodward’s Kirsty Harvey and Anna Manson from Spirit Aerosystems.

The videos are available on the Ayrshire College YouTube channel.

Supported by funding from the Skills Development Scotland’s Equality Challenge Fund, the #WhatIActuallyDo campaign aims to improve the perception of careers in STEM by school pupils. They provide positive female role models to encourage young women into engineering and all Ayrshire primary and secondary schools will receive a DVD containing all videos.

Each clip features the apprentice throughout a typical work day. The apprentices were also interviewed about what attracted them to engineering and the modern apprenticeship programme.

Anna Manson said “When I left school I knew I didn’t want to go onto university and that I wanted to do an apprenticeship. I wanted the hands-on experience. I learn better that way compared to reading through a book. The prospect of a job at the end of it also attracted me.”



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