About the Scholarship

Recognising the importance of the growing FinTech sector in Scotland, the University of Strathclyde is offering three part-time funded* PhD Scholarships to executives and senior managers within Scotland’s FinTech and Financial Services industries. This will give individuals an opportunity to develop research ideas in an area of their choosing, be supported by academic supervisors in their chosen field, and to develop research skills through training programmes designed to be taken at an individual’s own pace.

While the opportunity is open to any research proposal within the broad remit of FinTech, the university are particularly interested in proposals on research topics we have expansive experience in (Reg Tech, People Management in newly developing ways of working, Digital Transformation, Decision Making using Analytics, etc). Applicants are required to put forward an outline description of the research they would like to do along with a CV. This proposal should be no more than one page and should not be seen as a final draft of a proposal; rather a starting to point to begin a conversation with a relevant academic to develop the idea once any scholarships have been awarded.


If you wish to discuss this opportunity or require any further information, please contact Professor Matthew Revie (matthew.j.revie@strath.ac.uk) at any time.

Proposals should be submitted to Matthew Revie by the 16th August. Informal discussions will take place in August, with a decision to be made around the 6th September. The expected start date of the PhD is around the 1st October.

*Funding Details

  • The scholarship will cover a full fee waiver for the duration of the PhD. To qualify for the scholarship, you must be a UK citizen or resident. There are exception to this so if you are unsure about your status, please contact Matthew Revie who will be able to offer guidance.