The United Nations has selected Glasgow Caledonian University’s Strategy 2030 and research project the Fashion Detox Challenge as examples of Sustainable Development Goal best practice.

Both case studies now feature on the UN’s website among hand-picked “breakthroughs and success stories” from across the globe.

The University’s corporate strategy uses the SDGs as its guiding framework and has an objective to integrate the goals into GCU’s learning and teaching, research, operations, partnerships, governance and culture.

The research has focused on the SDGs since 2017, and the new strategy encourages a focus on the SDGs right across the University.

It also builds on the universities long-standing commitment to reducing environmental impact by bringing forward our carbon neutral commitment to 2040.

The Fashion Detox Challenge was created by GCU researcher Dr Emma Kidd in a bid to address overconsumption and reduce clothing waste.

The public intervention project encourages shoppers to take a 10-week break from buying new clothes.

More than 300 people have so far signed up and most have adopted more sustainable clothing practices, such as repairing old clothes, buying second-hand items or swapping garments with friends.

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