Taking place in Uphall, East Lothian on 4th June 2015, this important annual technology event is for engineers working to develop intelligent systems and devices in such industries as the energy sector, banking sector, defence, telecoms and automotive sector.

The Conference will include an exhibition of development tools, hardware and software, half-day technical workshops and an agenda of technical presentations. It is an opportunity for developers to meet with fellow industry experts, share knowledge and experience and explore new technologies.

“It is shaping up to be a very worthwhile Conference this year,” said Richard Blackburn, Conference Manager. “The Conference now attracts the world’s leading experts, such as German company Lauterbach, a recognised leader in the field of debugging tools.”

“The Conference mostly attracts development engineers that are about to embark on new projects and need to explore their options with regards hardware, software and development tools. It is also a chance for them to discuss their projects with some of the world’s leading experts in specific fields, such as display technology, networking technologies or software certification.”

Over 30 technology vendors have sponsored the event and many will be exhibiting and making presentations. These include Edinburgh based embedded systems developer Abelon Systems. Other companies involved will include US based Lynx Software Technologies and respected display tools vendor Altia.



For more information about the Scottish Conference, visit: http://www.device-developer-conference.co.uk/