The programmes feature contributions from Dr Claire Quigley (Technologist) from CoderDojo Scotland based at Glasgow Science Centre and Prof Martin Hendry – Professor of Gravitational Astrophysics and Cosmology at The University of Glasgow. Each 20 minute programme is narrated by Glasgow City of Science’s, Dr Susie Mitchell.

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Williamina Fleming, Astronomer

The story of how a young emigrant from Dundee was forced to find work in Boston as a housekeeper, but went on to become one of the most important astronomers of the time.

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James Clerk Maxwell, Physicist

The story of ‘Scotland’s Forgotten Einstein’, James Clerk Maxwell. Maxwell’s lifelong curiosity about the world and his gift for solving complicated puzzles led him to a string of discoveries.

He was the first person to demonstrate a way of taking colour photos, and he worked out what the rings of Saturn were made of, before any powerful telescopes or spacecraft were around to get a good look. But his most important achievement was the discovery of electromagnetism. His prediction of electromagnetic waves led onto every type of gadget we now use that involves signals – from mobile phones and wifi equipment to radio, X rays and microwave ovens.

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