British luxury car and latterly, aero-engine manufacturer, Rolls-Royce has identified its existing facility in Inchinnan as the location for a new design and stress engineering centre, creating roles for 40 engineers who will be hired from the local area.

A Rolls-Royce spokesperson said: “Our intention is to use the available office space at our Inchinnan facility to locate 40 new design and stress engineers.

“We have chosen this site as we believe there is a talent pool of engineers in the region with the capability and skillset to meet our requirements.

“Targeted recruitment for these roles will start by the end of August and we expect our new employees to join the business by the end of the year.“

The statement added that this programme of activity does not affect the existing businesses and employees at the Inchinnan site.

Last February, 575 Rolls-Royce jobs were saved from compulsory redundancies for at least five years, after Unite secured agreements at the company’s plant in Renfrewshire, which produces turbine blades and aerofoils.

This followed the company considering temporarily shutting its jet engine plants during the summer, after the pandemic grounded thousands of jets, leading to fewer servicing demands.

The Inchinnan site is part of its global civil aerospace footprint, so would be included in any operational shutdown.