This is a leading climate change conference and will attract around a 1000 delegates from the UK, Europe and around the world.

It will mark the first time that the conference has been held in the UK since its inauguration, with previous host cities including Hamburg in Germany and Copenhagen in Denmark.

The 2017 conference is being led by three EU-funded projects: IMPRESSIONS, HELIX and RISES-AM.

Dr. Paula Harrison, Coordinator of the IMPRESSIONS project based at the University of Oxford, said: “Climate change presents a wide range of impacts and risks for the European economy, society and environment. We need robust strategies and solutions to adapt.”

“The conference provides the leading forum for sharing amongst science, policy, practice and business communities. We look forward to working with the experienced local team to deliver a conference in Glasgow that inspires real action to adapt to climate change.”

Climate resilience is at the core of decisions shaping investment in the city and transforming communities. It is this pioneering work that has won Glasgow the conference.

The bid for the ECCA 2017 conference was put together by a committee from research, policy and practice and was supported by 46 organisations across Scotland and the UK.

Cllr. Gordon Matheson, Leader of Glasgow City Council, Chair of Glasgow City Marketing Bureau and Chair of Sustainable Glasgow, said: “We are delighted that the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference will take place in Glasgow in 2017. Glasgow has strong ambitions for a greener future and a European leader in environmental sustainability.”

“Sustainable Glasgow is the cross-sector partnership to take on this challenge. We aim to use the tremendous opportunities now available to us to become a resilient city that adapts to the challenges of climate change.”

Cllr Matheson added: “Today, three out of four Europeans live in a city – most of the world’s problems are centred on cities but all of the solutions will come from cities.”

“Glasgow is a city where solutions can be found to help have a greener future. We look forward to welcoming the delegates to Glasgow in 2017 and we hope it will be a fantastic opportunity to exchange ideas and best practice to help us to adapt to climate change. We are sure that it will be a memorable conference within our vibrant, friendly and welcoming city and its citizens.”

Dr. Aileen McLeod MSP, Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform, said “I am delighted that Glasgow will host the 2017 European Climate Change Adaptation Conference and believe the aims of the conference fit well with the Scottish Government’s objectives on adaptation. Adaptation to the effects of climate change is a global challenge and we must work together to focus our collective efforts and expertise across Europe to counter the impacts of our changing climate.”

Terry A’Hearn, SEPA Chief Executive, said “Climate change is the most pressing environmental issue facing humankind today. At SEPA we are determined to help people unlock the economic and social opportunities of mitigating, and adapting to climate change. I am delighted that this conference is coming to Scotland, it will help raise the profile of climate change and inform the co-ordinated action needed to address this critical challenge.”

Ruth Wolstenholme, Managing Director of Sniffer, said: “Scotland has built very strong partnerships across research, policy and practice on climate adaptation and resilience. Many countries want to learn from the pioneering work of Scotland’s ClimateXChange research network and Adaptation Scotland support service. Hosting this conference provides recognition and a showcase of our successes.”

Dr. Marc Metzger, The University of Edinburgh, said “Scotland is at the forefront of international research on climate change adaptation, a reputation that has brought the world-leading ECCA 2017 to Glasgow. The conference will gather more than a thousand colleagues from around the world to Scotland, an unprecedented opportunity for us to share and learn from each other as we respond to climate change.”

People are at the heart of Glasgow’s transformation, and the organisers hope the conference will be an opportunity for both the international experts and the general public to see how the city is living up to its ambitions – ‘from steam to green’.

A range of ground-breaking initiatives have shown Scotland as an example on partnerships for future-proofing the economy. This will be on display at the conference and through a range of excursions to the local area for the delegates.

As one of Europe’s most dynamic cultural capitals, Glasgow is the ideal host for a conference that will integrate culture and arts, and engage with the far reaching community. The city is also known as an outstanding host for sustainable international events that leave a lasting legacy not only locally but for the whole of Scotland.






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