Hypertension affects up to 45% of the general population and is responsible for over 7 million deaths per year worldwide.

Several disorders of the adrenal gland result in increased production of hormones affecting blood pressure, increasing cardiovascular risk and diminishing quality of life.

These endocrine forms of hypertension are often poorly managed and can progress to heart disease and stroke. This project will integrate genetic, genomic and metabolomics data drawn from such patients in order to define specific profiles for the individual disorders.

The leader of the Glasgow group is Professor Eleanor Davies in the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences (ICAMS).

Prof Davies said: “Defining the ‘-omic’ signatures of the various adrenal disorders that lead to hypertension will assist in the early diagnosis and targeted management of patients, bringing significant health and economic benefits.

“It will also provide insight into the causes of such disorders, aiding in the development of new and more effective treatments. This award is recognition of Glasgow’s long-standing expertise in the study of hypertension and cardiovascular endocrinology.”

The project will run from 2015-2020 and €766,000 will be allocated to the University of Glasgow.

The ICAMS team includes Professor Eleanor Davies (PI), Dr Scott MacKenzie, Dr Marie Freel and Dr John McClure, who will collaborate with 12 other groups in France, Germany, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands and Australia under the leadership of Dr Maria-Christina Zennaro (INSERM, Paris).



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