Over the next three years, Doble Engineering will fully fund two PhD studentships to work on a new project to apply innovative machine learning techniques to the classification of fault conditions with the purpose of practical implementation to real-time condition assessment of rotating machines operated on-line.

Operating in more than 110 countries worldwide, Doble Engineering Company is a leader in asset risk management, diagnostic test instruments, expert consulting and knowledge services for the electric power industry throughout the world as well as within the UK.

In 2013, Doble Engineering Company launched the Innovation Centre for On-Line Systems at GCU. As part of its research and development process, Doble has established Centres of Innovation, which are comprised of critical team members from across Doble and its partner organisations focused on developing core technologies.

Working with GCU’s Institute for Sustainable Engineering and Technology Research, Doble Solutions Architect Philip Boreham is directing R&D activities to improve the measurement and assessment of the condition of high voltage systems, identifying new opportunities to enhance the reliability and integrity of power stations and developing new partial discharge monitoring products and technologies.

GCU’s Alan Nesbitt said: “The research team are pleased to continue to be a partner with Doble Engineering to research and deliver the next generation of on-line condition assessment instruments.”



Glasgow Caledonian University