Industry professionals, keen amateurs, and students and staff from GCU were among the ‘jammers’ devising games on the theme ‘Waves’ over the course of a weekend. More than 36,000 participants created more the 6,800 games globally – making it the world’s biggest game-creation event.

According to David Farrell, GCU Lecturer in Games Design, the Global Game Jam invites students to explore new technology tools, try new roles in development and test their skills.

He said, “The Global Game Jam is one of the highlights of the gaming year. The event is a celebration of the game-development process and highlights the amazing work that can be completed by talented and passionate people in such a small period of time.

“For GCU students, this gives them an excellent opportunity to practice game creation in an environment that is geared towards making something interesting and fun. They receive support from the other jammers who come from other universities or industry and, during the course of the Jam, they will receive guidance and feedback from industry mentors.”



Glasgow Caledonian University

Global Game Jam