Glasgow Caledonian University students and staff teamed up at the weekend to create hundreds of games in 48 hours.

They were participating in the Global Game Jam, the world-wide annual weekend-long game-design event, which, this year, took place in the Glasgow campus’ Student Association building.

The Global Game Jam is the largest annual game-creation event in the world and sees groups of people from all cultures and communities coming together to make games over a period of 48 hours based on a theme revealed just before the start of the event. This year’s theme was ‘Roots’, which could be interpreted in any way the designers wished.

Glasgow Caledonian was a hosting venue for the 14th time. The organiser of the event on behalf of the University, Hamid Homatash, a senior lecturer from the Applied Computer Games Department, said: “The Global Game Jam holds a special place in my heart, as the buzz you get from all the creativity that’s unfolding right before your eyes is amazing.

“No other event in the world has that flurry of excitement, passion and collaboration that creates these magical games in just 48 hours – a huge achievement in itself. The best part is the friendly community spirit, whereby everyone helps each other to make the best games possible while having a lot of fun. It’s such a special experience and I would encourage people to get involved and experience it for themselves.”

This year was the first since the pandemic that the event took place in person.

Hamid said: “Everyone being in the one space again created that community atmosphere and collaborative spirit that virtual Game Jams just cannot replicate. The Student Association supported the event for the first time this year, in conjunction with the student Gaming Society, to help create an accommodating and friendly experience. Holding the event in the Student Association building, rather than the library as we usually do, meant we could provide space for up to 250 people, making it the biggest and best Global Game Jam we have hosted.”

Everyone is welcome to attend a Game Jam, whether a game development expert or not, and whether a student or not.

Hamid added: “There is always a mix of skillsets from complete beginners to industry professionals at the event. Everyone always learns something new from everyone else and has a lot of fun doing so.”

Along with the main game-creation activity, there was the chance to take part in quizzes, tournaments and competitions, and play games throughout.

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