Technology provider Utopi, have teamed up with property operator BOHO to install an industry-leading energy management and resident wellbeing solution which aims to reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of a student accommodation in Glasgow by an impressive 20%. 

An initial building performance assessment identified ways for Scotway House to operate more efficiently, reduce operational workload and make generous yearly savings on energy. 

399-bed Scotway House managed by BOHO will be the first student provider in the UK to install the technology which will reduce the energy costs per apartment by up to 20%. They will also use data to incentivise residents to reduce their personal energy consumption with monthly rewards.  

Resident wellbeing will be improved in various ways including the measuring and improvement of indoor air quality and a real-time view of amenity spaces such as seeing how many people are using the gym or laundry.  

Unused areas can be automatically “switched off” to minimise energy consumption and valuable data can determine what areas need to be repurposed or transformed to ensure the building is working best for those who live there, allowing it to operate to its maximum efficiency.  

“As a responsible business, we need to play our part in combatting the climate change emergency. This technology puts us on the right path and that one step closer to reaching net-zero. At BOHO, we always challenge the here and now in the industry and will continue to seek the best, most innovative solutions to manage our buildings and be conscientious of our social and environmental impact.”  -Christine Young, Managing Director at BOHO.

The sophisticated equipment will boost the buildings ESG rating and environmental performance which also increases the asset value.  

The scope of work includes: 

·         installation of electricity sub metering at the apartment level  

·         installation of industry first IoT multisensors, which measure light, noise, temperature, humidity, TVOC, CO2,  

·         installation of remote operated relay switch to control radiators in the apartments  

·         installation of people counting solution in amenity spaces 

·         onboarding of Utopi Connect SaaS platform to manage the data 

Jonathan Burridge, CEO at Utopi said: 

“We are excited to help our client BOHO on their journey to reduce carbon emissions and boost their ESG scores. At Utopi we recognise that data is the key to unlocking the value of sustainable real estate, create more valuable assets, and provide unrivalled resident experiences.” 

Installation of the technology starts Monday 16th August 2021.