A Glasgow software firm has hailed the start of a project aimed at helping local authorities reach net-zero carbon dioxide targets.

Smarter Grid Solutions said the first phase of the project involving O2 and Siemens has now gone live.

The Thames Valley Live Lab is designed to help local authorities implement their required moves towards net-zero emissions.

The project partnership was awarded £4.5 million in 2019 as part of the ADEPT SMART Places Live Labs Programme, a two-year £22.9m project funded by the Department for Transport.

Local authorities are working on eight projects to introduce digital innovation across mobility, transport, highways maintenance, data, energy and communications.

Graham Ault, executive director and co-founder of SGS, said: “A big challenge lies ahead for local authority energy managers, who will have to plan, implement, and operate net-zero carbon energy in the coming years.”

He said the firm is producing software for a range of councils, adding: “It is now possible to scale low carbon technology deployments up to really significant levels and capture all the energy and flexibility benefits for a local authority area.”