The pupils, from Sunnyside Primary School in Craigend, have been campaigning to ban plastic straws through the #NaeStrawAtAw campaign.

In response, Glasgow City Council has replaced single use plastic straws with more eco-friendly alternatives in 26 cafes in council-run museums, sports centres, offices, schools and the city chambers. ScotRail has ended the use of plastic cups, while Glasgow Airport and CalMac Ferries also back the campaign.

The students have now received the Green Team award from WWF Scotland for their efforts to protect marine life. 

The school will receive £500 so the students can continue their campaign work and each pupil will receive an animal adoption from WWF. 

Dr Sam Gardner, WWF Scotland acting director, said: “We were really impressed at how pupils from Sunnyside Primary School have used creative ways to implement sustainability projects within their school – from Under the Sea Discos raising awareness about their pupil-led plastics campaign, to the creation of their Bear Aware campaign highlighting simple activities that everyone can do to reduce the effects of climate change.”



Nae Straw At Aw campaign

Sunnyside Primary School

WWF Scotland