The money will be used to complement and upscale city projects and innovative initiatives that are working with our citizens to find workable solutions and help shape Glasgow.

Councillor Susan Aitken, Glasgow City Council leader, was part of a city delegation in Brussels on September 25 for the announcement as one of the six shortlisted cities (Antwerp, Bristol, Espoo, Rotterdam and Nantes) in the final of the annual European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) Awards. The city of Nantes won the title.

Glasgow has of course been enriched by innovative practices for hundreds of years – and Glasgow citizens are no strangers to putting Glasgow firmly on the map with ground breaking inventions that have impacted across the globe.

Glasgow invented the TV, the phone, antiseptic and ultrasound and in 2019 our city is still a role model for innovation – it’s in our DNA.

The announcement that Glasgow is runner up in the European Capital of Innovation Awards is an endorsement of the excellent work being carried out by the council and stakeholders using a collaborative approach and further proof that Glasgow is a resilient, forward thinking and international city that has the well-being of citizens at the heart of everything we do.

Dr Susie Mitchell, Glasgow City of Science and Innovation programme director, said: “Glasgow City of Science and Innovation was proud to support Team Glasgow in being recognised yet again as a runner-up in the European Capital of Innovation competition.

“Today is a celebration of Glasgow as an innovative and entrepreneurial city that embraces its rich assets of people, place and partnerships to embrace change and innovate new solutions to address some of the biggest challenges of our time.

“This prize will not only advance innovation activities that will empower and improve the lives of our citizens, it will also help us to showcase the Glasgow City region as one of the most creative, diverse and dynamic innovation economies in Europe.”

Councillor Susan Aitken, Glasgow City Council leader, was very proud to accept the award on behalf of the city and said: “We are a city with global ambitions and have a solid vision on how we can overcome the legacy of our post-industrial past.

“We are creating a world-leading low carbon, knowledge economy and continue to generate solutions for our well-known social challenges.

“We don’t use this as an excuse – it’s a fact and we work in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders across the city and further afield to build better lives and better outcomes for all our citizens.

“Glasgow is already internationally recognised as a bold, pioneering, inclusive and sustainable city.

“We don’t shy away from using innovative practices to respond to past challenges, to address ingrained inequalities and injustices and to build a healthier, more sustainable and empowered future for the people of Glasgow.

“Now we are a runner up in the European Capital of Innovation Awards we will use the €100,000 award fund to accelerate our work to improve the health of our citizens, tackle climate change, decarbonise our city, invest in the industries of the future and expand our work with citizens to co-design a future Glasgow to deliver maximum benefit.

“Thank you to the European Commission for believing in our vision and congratulations to the other five shortlisted cities – all of whom have made amazing submissions and worthy competitors in the awards.”



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