The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the UNFCCC is expected to take place from November 9-19, 2020. 

The UK is seen as the favourite over Turkey to host COP26, which has been described as the most important climate change meeting since the Paris agreement was signed in 2015.

COP26 is expected to attract about 30,000 delegates from around the world.

Lang Banks, WWF Scotland director, said: “The news that Glasgow could host this event is very exciting. This will be a vital milestone in the global response to the growing climate crisis.

“The fossil fuel era began in Scotland and in 2020 the global community must come to Glasgow and say that this will be the last fossil fuel generation and that we are ready to take on the climate and nature emergencies we face.

“This would be a huge event and the Scottish and UK governments must be ready to show that we have our own houses in order and have strong climate emergency plans in place. Scotland is already generating 75 per cent of its electricity needs from renewables and aiming to end the sale of fossil fuel vehicles by 2032.

“COP26 in Glasgow would be an opportunity to put our leadership and our zero-carbon economy on the world stage but we also need to put in place more concrete actions at home.”