IbisVision, the Glasgow-based optical healthcare developer, is upgrading its technology to allow for remote eyecare prescriptions.

The firm said its upgraded platform would allow opticians to determine the refractive power for corrective lenses that are needed by patients over a regular internet connection.

Until now, the remote tech has been able to determine eyecare issues and the need for corrective lenses as a triage measure which then allowed for later in-person prescription calculations.

In the UK, where IbisVision already has a significant presence, the technology is expected to prove useful for the elderly or those with mobility issues.

The firm’s technology analyst, Peter Estibeiro, said: “It’s fantastic for a Scottish company to be at the forefront of developing technology that will allow proper remote refraction. Telemedicine is going to dramatically improve access to optometry in our existing markets and drive our international growth in markets with limited access to traditional healthcare.”

Optometrist Jason Higginbotham said: “IbisVision provides a great way to allow patients to check elements of their vision before they attend a consultation, as well as the opportunity for regular follow ups.”

“These new developments in the platform seek to enhance this experience and further the opportunity to increase more chair time in clinics for new patients and transform the overall experience at the same time.

“Such advances may also help eye care professionals to engage those people who don’t currently access eye care provision, either due to lack of time or simply because they feel they don’t need to be screened.”