Red Star Consulting Ltd applies machine learning to analyse clinical notes recorded in the electronic health record of diabetes patients.

The machine learning models predict, based on patient’s clinical notes, the risk of different clinical endpoints such as heart attack or death and present this information to the clinician as a score or alert.

Clinicians can use this to tailor consultations, identify high-risk patients, and target specific clinical outcomes.

The Digital Health Technology Catalyst, delivered by UK Research and Innovation, aims to accelerate the development of digital health innovation, under the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, to ensure the UK remains at the leading-edge of innovative healthcare.

Recipients are using a host of new technologies to address the most pressing healthcare priorities.

From the use of machine learning and hand-held devices to improve the targeting of clinical interventions to the use of portable brain imaging technology to help identify patients personalised risk of developing dementia.

Science and Innovation Minister Chris Skidmore said: “From using AI-driven voice technology to assess patient’s health before seeing a doctor, to hand-held devices which observe health status and alert clinicians to treat high-risk patients, we are taking steps to ensure people are healthier for longer while saving the NHS money.

“These advances in technology, across the UK, demonstrate our modern Industrial Strategy in action by harnessing the power of innovation to help meet the needs of an ageing society, and creating the high skilled jobs of the future.”

Ian Campbell, interim executive chair, Innovate UK, for UK Research and Innovation, said: “The UK is a world leader in health innovation and the projects for which we have announced funding showcase the very best of British knowhow.

“Using breakthrough technologies such as AI and machine learning and deploying apps and hand-held devices, outcomes for patients can be immeasurably improved. Supporting these innovations is a key element of the government’s Industrial Strategy and will create the industries and jobs of tomorrow.”