Glasgow is the Clydebuilt city and Scotland’s metropolis. Port of culture, ideas and inventions. A city shaped by its proud heritage in science, engineering and design. It is the engine of the country’s economy and the world’s original creative capital. It is ambitious, innovative and entrepreneurial – a city internationally recognised for its openness, resilience, trust and friendliness. It is the UK’s second most attractive technology location and a natural focus for the knowledge economy.

The Glasgow Narrative sets out our cities business story and credentials through 10 core claims, each of which is underpinned by a collective evidence base. These “reasons to believe” aimed at the global investment, business and talent communities have been created for use by audiences and partners alike to promote Glasgow’s relative strengths and competitive advantages in the new economy.

Designed to be ‘snackable’, this interactive e-book will be regularly updated going forward and should be used alongside broader narrative material around Glasgow’s wider appeal (including its lifestyle, culture, history, political institutions and visitor attractiveness) which taken together support the promotion of the metropolitan area as the perfect place to live, work and study.

The Glasgow Narrative has been developed with our city partners in mind, and as such you’re invited to share with your networks and colleagues.