Researchers at Glasgow Caledonian University have launched a space forum to help put rocket boosters under Scotland’s economy.

The new research group aims to offer insight into how the country can reap the economic benefits of space exploration.

Research into the Space Economy (RISE) will bring together practitioners, academics and policymakers to study the emerging markets linked to spaceports, space tourism, and asteroid mining.

It’s estimated the Space Economy will contribute more than £4billion to Scotland by 2030.

Professor David Edgar, an expert in Strategy and Business Transformation at Glasgow Caledonian, said: “We have seen a rapid development of business interest in outer space but, so far, most initiatives have focused on the technical aspects.

“Ultimately, we are seeking to better understand the influence and opportunity the development of the Space Economy has upon business and society as a whole and how such transitions can be managed responsibly.”

Researchers will study business models, international policy, ethical and social issues linked to the Space Economy, drivers and barriers to growth, and how best to prepare graduates for the emerging opportunities in the sector.

Glasgow School for Business and Society is accepting PhD applications in the field and the group is looking to forge partnerships and develop collaborations with a wide range of institutions and organisations.

Professor Edgar added: “Our activities are inclusive and intended to draw in a range of interested partners to speaker events, working papers, published reports, development of insights and thought articles, and research and commercial projects and outputs.

“We hope to help enlighten and inform practitioners, academics, students and policymakers as to the current developments in the space economy and to offer insights as to what the future may hold.”

For further information about RISE, please email Professor David Edgar on