Professor Tahseen Jafry will join the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) to discuss the effects of climate change on human rights.

Joined also by the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, Professor Jafry will speak at a symposium on Human Rights and Climate Change, which will take place virtually on Thursday, October 28.

The symposium, open to the public, will focus on conversations needed that connects human rights and climate change, both in academic and research circles and among the wider public, to enhance climate justice and to strengthen climate resilience. It is hoped the symposium will capture much-needed conversation and participation from international audiences as the UK prepares to host COP26 in Glasgow during November.

The RSE, Scotland’s National Academy, contributes to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Scotland through the advancement of learning and useful knowledge. Its Fellowship includes individuals from a wide range of disciplines – science and technology, arts, humanities, social science, business and public service. It is a member of the UK Academies Human Rights Committee.

As the German National Academy of Sciences, the Leopoldina represents the German scientific community internationally and provides policymakers and the public with science-based advice on scientific issues of social importance. The Leopoldina champions the freedom and appreciation of science nationally and internationally. Its Human Rights Committee regularly organises the symposium “Human Rights and Science” in cooperation with partnering academies to discuss scientifically human rights and bioethical issues.

Professor Jafry said: “This is a timely event and my focus for this conversation is to bring attention to the impingement on people’s human rights of our changing climate, and what this means for enhancing climate justice and strengthening climate resilience.”