Professor Tahseen Jafry is to front a Glasgow Science Centre event dedicated to raising public awareness around climate justice.

To foster dialogue and awareness on this critical issue, Glasgow Science Centre is hosting Climate Conversations Live. The event, hosted by author and broadcaster Sally Magnusson on October 9, offers a platform for discussing climate justice and the urgent actions needed to address climate disparities.

As a leading expert in climate justice, Professor Jafry is at the forefront of this call to action. She heads the Mary Robinson Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University and has dedicated her research to exploring the justice and equity aspects of climate change. With three decades of experience in research and development globally, she emphasises the need for Scotland to step up its efforts to address climate inequality at home.

“Climate justice is not just an ethical imperative but also a necessity for the well-being and sustained economic prosperity of all,” said Professor Jafry. “Now is the time for Scotland to embrace our changing climate and to consider leading the way in formulating effective Scottish strategies to combat climate inequality on our own door step.

“As the climate crisis continues to escalate, it is becoming increasingly evident that concerted efforts are needed here to ensure that the burdens and benefits of addressing climate change are distributed equitably. Scotland has an opportunity to embrace climate justice nationally and this may set an example for the world, as it navigates the challenges posed by an increasingly unpredictable climate.”

Attendees at the event can enjoy a selection of cold drinks and snacks in the Coffee Shop located in the IMAX foyer before the sessions begin. The Coffee Shop doors open at 6pm, providing an opportunity for participants to network and exchange ideas before diving into the important discussions surrounding climate justice.

You can register to attend the event here.