The University of Strathclyde offers a wide range of expertise, support and partnerships to assist industry stakeholders, entrepreneurs and academics in developing innovations with significant economic and social impact.

The recent launch of the Glasgow City Innovation District (GCID) has expanded Strathclyde’s scope for industry engagement across all areas, opening doors to new and exciting opportunities.

The university is inviting companies and organisations who want to engage with innovative projects to a special event hosted as part of Engage with Strathclyde Week on Monday April 29, 10.30am to 1pm in the Technology and Innovation Centre.

Attendees will hear from companies and academic partners who have worked collaboratively within Strathclyde and GCID to achieve tangible outcomes for growth.

Accurate signposting to support mechanisms will also be available for those who are interested in engaging with the University.

Companies and individuals are encouraged to register online if they would like to attend.



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