In 2017 the maritime industry buzzed with new terminology such as ‘Big Data’, ‘Disrupters’, ‘Blockchain’, ‘Autonomous Ships’. The underlying theme was that new technology will radically change the maritime working environment.

Now in 2018, whilst keeping abreast of technological change, it’s time to focus on the human element again. In particular, how can we interact with and exploit these new technologies to help us work smarter?

  • What is changing and do we need to upskill our knowledge, behaviour, and attitudes to remain competitive in this changing landscape?
  • Are our current business models still fit for purpose?
  • Are we training our new talent in the skills that they need now or the skills they needed 20 years ago?

Over the course of the two-day symposium, industry-leading speakers will outline their experiences and vision for the future and how we can achieve smart shipping.

Date & Location

  • City of Glasgow College Maritime Symposium
  • Monday 18th – Tuesday 19th June 2018
  • City Campus, 190 Cathedral Street

Guest speakers include:

  • Guy Platten – Chief Executive Officer, UK Chamber of Shipping
  • Dr Chris Haughton – EdD MA BA PGCC CertEd QTLS Master Mariner FNI FSET
  • John Lloyd – FNI Chief Executive, The Nautical Institute
  • Christopher Schroder – Transas
  • Helene Peter-Davies – Solicitor & Master Mariner
  • Simon Thompson – McAfee Online Safety Learning Officer, Bletchley Park
  • Thomas Briggs – Learning Manager, Bletchley Park
  • Chris Dunn – Chief Naval Architect
  • Petar Modev – Head of Ship Inspections, Thomas Miller
  • Alaxander Varvarenko – Owner & CEO of VARAMAR Group, Veles Bulk and ShipNEXT
  • Matt Crane – Head of Maritime Technology & Innovation, Department for Transport

Further Information

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