The hub will work directly with employers looking to attract more female applicants into their organisation and directly advertise these roles to women in Scotland’s STEM community.

With only 25 per cent of Scotland’s STEM sector made up of women, the career hub can be used as a platform to increase the number of female applicants applying for STEM roles.

Currently only 11 per cent of the engineering sector, 18 per cent of the digital technologies industry and 36 per cent of science managers in Scotland are women.

Organisations have been telling Equate that they want to employ more women but find attracting female applicants difficult.

The Equate Career Hub will help overcome this challenge, and has been designed as a place for STEM employers to advertise directly to women in their industries. 

Equate will work with employers to make their job descriptions and recruitment process more inviting for female applicants and help eliminate unconscious bias in language.



Equate Career Hub

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