A ‘next generation’ train powered entirely by batteries will be showcased in Glasgow during the COP26 summit.

Vivarail’s train is equipped with high performing batteries which give it a range between charges of up to 100km and can be recharged in 10 minutes. 

The train is fully approved for passenger use and will carry delegates and VIPs each day on a short trip out of Glasgow Central to highlight the pioneering work going on in the transport industry.

Martin Frobisher OBE, Network Rail Group Engineering Director added: “Rail is already the most environmentally friendly form of transport.

“We mean green and are working hard to quickly decarbonise our railway network.

“This battery technology is a breakthrough.

“A range of 100Km and the ability to recharge the batteries in 10 minutes is now a viable option for many of our branch.

“This is Great British technology at its best and I’m delighted that we will be able to showcase it to the world at COP26.”

The train has now moved from Mossend to Polmadie, where it will be stabled throughout the Climate Change Conference. 

Steve McBride, Managing Director of Vivarail, said “This has been a tremendous team effort and is firm proof that our research and development programme combined with our manufacturing capability can deliver.

“What we have now is the most advanced train of its type – it follows on from the work we did on our first-generation battery train, our battery train export to the US and battery hybrids we built for Transport for Wales. 

“Our new batteries, supplied by our partners Hoppecke in Germany, are unequalled in their ability to combine maximum range with the rate of recharge. 

“This train shows that battery trains and the accompanying charging technology is ready today.”