Every year hundreds of thousands of people descend on Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electric Show) – ‘The most powerful tech event in the world.’ This February once the dust has settled Startup Grind are going beyond the hype and bringing you exclusive inside stories from those that were there.

Join them for an evening of innovation and inspiration as we unveil what it’s really like at CES through the eyes of Scotland’s tech pioneers. This stellar event brings together visionary founders and tech journalist to share their firsthand experiences from the world’s largest consumer electronics show – ‘The Global Stage for Innovation.’

What to Expect:

✨ Inside Stories: Hear captivating narratives from diverse founders, each with unique perspectives. Dive into their entrepreneurial journeys, deeptech challenges, and the exciting moments that unfolded on the CES stage.

🌐 Global Impact: Explore the strategies to showcase their startups on a global platform like CES. Gain insights into building a strong international presence, fostering partnerships, and navigating the dynamic landscape of the tech industry.

🎙️ Tech Journalism Unveiled: Unravel CES significance. Get a behind-the-scenes look at tech journalism, how stories are crafted, and media’s role in amplifying startup journeys. Discuss CES2024 trends inc. boundless AI potential, industrial metaverse and digital health.

🧠 Lessons Learned: Ask first hand about invaluable lessons from CES – wins, challenges, and pivotal moments shaping founders’ trajectories. Whether you’re an early startup, scale-up or tech enthusiast, join us for an inspiring evening of collective growth and shared wisdom.

How to attend?

📅 Date: February 22nd, 2024

🕔 Time: 18:00 – 20:00

📍 Location: CMS, 1 W Regent St, Glasgow G2 1AP

🗣 Speakers

Alasdair Keane – Tech Journalist

Alasdair Keane is a journalist for BBC News focused on all things technology and innovation. You’ll see and hear him reporting on the global technology programmes Click and Tech Life, a role that takes him to different parts of the world uncovering the latest tech that could change the future.

Dr Dave Hughes – Novosound

A high-growth entrepreneur and physicist, founded Novosound in 2018 as the first spin-out from the University of the West of Scotland. Dave has and has since led the business to rapid global success, earning accolades such as the IoD Scotland Director of the Year in 2020. Novosound has grown from six to over 30 employees, doubled revenues for three consecutive years, and is actively engaged in innovative projects in the healthcare sector.

Danny Kane – nooku

CEO of nooku, an AI-powered Indoor Air Quality platform, founded the company after his son’s respiratory issues in a new home. With 15 years of experience in health product design, he aims to empower households with tailored insights and advice, addressing the lack of awareness about air quality despite the high asthma rate in the UK. Passionate about Human-Centered Design, Danny aspires to inspire the next generation to become Air Quality Champions through nooku.

Noel, has 30+ years in the international electronics industry, is a successful and influential CEO. He founded APT Ltd, a multi-award-winning startup, led Novalia in bringing interactive touch to life, and contributed to smart materials at Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd. As the CEO of Neuranics, Noel is driving innovation in neurotechnology for healthcare, gaming, and the metaverse. Leading a top-notch team, he focuses on building relationships, securing prototypes, and creating value in emerging fields with his expertise and leadership skills.

Jean-Francois Destexhe – MyWaves Technologies Ltd.

Belgian born serial entrepreneur based in Edinburgh, with a track record of founding and partnering with successful businesses. His ventures include Palamon International, a leading costume design company acquired by Li&Fung Trading PTE, and Green Delta Ltd, generating $34 million in revenue. Additionally, he is a partner in Concept 4 Ltd and Dassyn Creations Ltd, both thriving in the Hong Kong market. JF is currently driving innovation as the founder of MyWaves Technologies Ltd, revolutionizing sleep quality enhancement through personalized Delta-wave recordings.


1. Welcome

2. Panel Interview

3. Q&A followed by open mic session where any attendee is free to speak their mind or ask for a piece of advice (60-seconds each) from the community and receive feedback.

4. Continued networking session in which attendees talk to each other freely over some drinks and delicious food. There’s no Startup Grind event where you don’t leave with new friends and exciting connections.

Why attend?

– Share 2024 aspirations

– Learn from Scotland’s leading startup founders & experts

– Catch up with friends and make new ones

– Free drinks and delicious food

– Share an ask with the community via our open-mic

Need more information on CES? Here are some numbers from 2024:

  • 2.5+ million net square feet of exhibits, 15 percent bigger than CES 2023
  • 4300+ exhibitors, including 1400+ startups within Eureka Park
  • 135,000+ attendees, a record 40+ percent from 150 countries, regions and territories
  • 5000+ global media and content creators
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies
  • 250+ conference sessions with 1000+ speakers
  • CES 2024 Innovation Awards program received 3000+ submissions, a record high, and included AI as a new category
  • 25,000+ pieces of media content led to 160+ billion impressions of CES 2024