The INCISE Project

Transforming Bowel Cancer Screening

The INCISE project (INtegrated TeChnologies for Improved Polyp SurveillancE) aims to transform bowel cancer screening in the UK by developing a predictive tool for patients with pre-cancerous polyps. Bowel cancer ranks as the second highest cause of cancer-related deaths in the UK. Led by the University of Glasgow, this collaborative effort includes NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Canon Medical Research, BioClavis, and OracleBio.

Supported by £2.3 million from Innovate UK and an additional £1.1 million from the University of Glasgow and industry partners, the INCISE project addresses a critical need in current screening processes. Presently, patients testing positive for blood in their stool undergo colonoscopy, with 5% diagnosed with cancer and over 30% presenting pre-cancerous polyps. Despite polypectomies, about half of these patients develop new polyps, necessitating improved screening criteria to reduce unnecessary, invasive procedures and optimise resource allocation.

INCISE aims to develop a robust risk stratification tool to predict polyp recurrence, leveraging advancements in digital pathology, machine learning, and next-generation sequencing. This tool will enhance screening accuracy, enabling healthcare providers to focus on higher-risk patients and streamline surveillance lists.

Moreover, accurate risk prediction will assist in tailoring treatments, balancing the effectiveness of aggressive interventions like chemotherapy or surgery against their impact on patients’ health and wellbeing. By identifying patients with lower metastasis risk, INCISE will facilitate more informed treatment decisions, ultimately improving patient outcomes and quality of life.

“The INCISE project exemplifies how our leading research institutions can drive transformative healthcare innovations, supporting patient care and medical advancements.”

Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council,

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