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As the supplier of 7T (7T MRI MAGNETOM) and 3T MRI scanners for the Imaging Centre of Excellence, Siemens Healthineers have become an integral corporate partner to the project. With a Siemens Healthineers scientist based within the Clinical Innovation Zone, there has been significant integration and collaboration across various teams.

The unique location of the 7T MRI scanner on the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital campus has allowed Siemens Healthineers to deliver an MR Symposium and a specialist international training programme in a clinical environment.

The 7T MRI scanner has recently been CE Marked, which means that it can now be used clinically for patient diagnosis and treatment planning as well as in a research setting with appropriate Ethics approval. ICE is now a flagship site in leading the evolution of 7T MRI systems from primarily research use towards clinical usage.

A clinical trial has been initiated on behalf of Siemens Healthineers to inform, optimise and evaluate image quality and examination workflow of head and knee Coils in the 7T MRI MAGNETOM. Whilst there is considerable experience of scanning knees using 1.5 and 3T MRI imaging, this trial will provide unique images and data from scanning knees using knee coils at 7T MRI.

Through determining good image quality using protocols already used on 3T MRI scanners and under testing in other 7T MRI centres, future research studies and clinical use in patients will be informed. As a benefit of this work, ICE researchers will work with a novel knee coil, allowing diversification of key scientific strengths.

Siemens Healthineers are a key industry partner in the development of a ‘Living Laboratory’ at the QEUH.

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