QuantIC, the University of Glasgow- led quantum imaging hub, is supporting quantum science out of the research lab and into the commercial world. With applications in healthcare, security, energy and defence, QuantIC is giving the UK a head start in the international race to industrialise quantum technologies.

As part of the £270M investment of UK National Technologies Programme (UKNQTP), the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) funded a national network of four Quantum Technologies Hubs across the UK. QuantIC is the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging. It brings together more than 120 full time researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, Oxford, Strathclyde and Warwick with more than 40 industry partners.

High-impact research projects led by QuantIC or its company partners include
  • Wee-g ultra-sensitive gravity imager – Gravimeters are used for measuring small density variations underground. Until the Wee-G, all gravimeters have been both costly and bulky.
  • Next generation cameras – QuantIC is developing a single-pixel camera that can look around corners, and next generation cameras that can visualise toxic invisible gases or buried bombs, look under the skin for tumours, and see clearly through smoke.
  • Horiba Scientific, another Glasgow-based company working with QuantIC, have incorporated QuantIC’s QuantiCAM SPAD sensor into their existing fluorescence imaging system to develop the new wide field imaging system, “FLIMERA” which will open up new imaging applications for the life sciences sector.

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