Arnold Clark has announced its latest project, which aims to broaden conversations with customers and help to prepare everyone for the future of transport.

The Arnold Clark Innovation Centre is the next step towards a cleaner, more sustainable way of driving.

Based in Glasgow, it is not a retail centre but an educational space – home to a team of alternative fuel experts and over 60 hybrid and electric vehicles waiting to be test-driven.

The Innovation Centre has been designed to answer any potential questions you may have about the direction the transport industry is headed – it’s not about selling, it’s about learning.

Everyone knows how important alternative fuel vehicles are to our environmental future, but there are many misconceptions about electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. That’s why product geniuses will be on hand to help answer any of your (non-petrol) burning questions – providing clarity on areas such as range anxiety, charging processes and much more.

Experience driving electric first-hand

Many people want to experience driving electric first-hand before making the big switch. That’s why there are over 60 electric and hybrid cars available to test-drive.

On top of that, there will be a huge selection of interactive exhibits and displays that aim to educate visitors as well as training facilities to help everyone get a grasp on the new electric normal.

However, the Innovation Centre isn’t just for today’s concerns. Arnold Clark has teamed up with the University of Strathclyde to set up joint research programmes looking at the future of the car industry and how the changing market will affect the customer.

The business knows that switching to electric is only the first step in this new and exciting journey, and wants to be more than just a passenger for it. That’s why Arnold Clark hopes this joint venture will help develop and shape the transport industry for years to come.