Scotland’s creative sector is already a major contributor to the country’s economy. But, as Marie Dorris of Scottish Enterprise’s Workplace Innovation Team explains, the Business Mentoring service offers our growth companies the opportunity to reinforce the country’s global profile.


From film to architecture to design and games, Scotland’s creative sector has long punched far above its weight on the global stage supporting 60,000 Scottish jobs and boosting our global reputation for as a nation of innovators.

The £5 billion creative industries are a critical element of Scotland’s wider knowledge economy, driving innovation as well as enriching the culture of cities and communities and attracting international interest and tourism.

By their very nature, the creative industries are multi-disciplinary, partly due to the high number of graduates they attract and the combination of science, technology and business skills this fosters.

However, while global demand in the creative industries is growing, so are the number of other nations looking to expand their own creative economies.

In today’s hugely competitive marketplace, in which customer demands are constantly changing, it’s essential that we build on our strengths and ambitions to make sure Scotland remains a global player.

Investment in mobile connectivity, digital skills and infrastructure are all key enablers that will support creative businesses and increased backing from both Scottish & UK Governments will act as strong indicators of confidence in the industry.

At the same time, we need our creative businesses to recognise the importance of expanding their horizons. With the majority being SMEs, there is great potential within many of our companies to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Susan Anderson, MD of Eikon Design, epitomises what can be achieved.

Susan started out providing graphic design services and now offers a full suite of products from branding and website design to printed products and event materials.

One of the key decisions she made during the growth of her company was to join Business Mentoring. Recognising the challenges of running her own business, Susan wanted an independent and experienced business person who could act as a sounding board for her ideas, challenges and future growth. Susan’s mentor had 30+ years of experience in a range of sectors including IT, sales and retail.

Having taken a strategic look at her business and, with the benefit of her mentor’s expertise and guidance, she re-branded her company, streamlined her service offering and, most importantly, re-ignited her passion for the business.

The result has been a 50% increase in profits and the creation of a more sustainable and profitable enterprise.

The Business Mentoring service provides access to over 800 mentors across Scotland and by sharing our experts’ entrepreneurial experiences, gives businesses the confidence and know-how to develop and grow and as well as opening up a network of contacts who can open doors and inspire new thinking.

Businesses that are generating a steady turnover with the potential to increase turnover growth by £200,000 or more over a 3 year period can apply for this fully funded service.

To find out more about this service, the mentors and how mentoring can help your business to grow, visit


The above blog post has been made possible through the generous support of Creative Clyde and the named contributors.