The Hunterian Uncovered

The Hunterian Museum is located at the heart of the University of Glasgow and is Scotland’s oldest public museum. With over a million objects in the collection there are many amazing stories to be told and for Explorathon we invite you to come along and hear about some of the most amazing. All afternoon we’ll have researchers on hand who will have talks, tours and exhibits to guide you round this world famous collection.

We’ll be taking a closer look at some of the amazing medical and anatomical collections that the museum has to offer, including special tours around the Anatomy Museum, see some of the highlights below. Some parts require booking, please see the website for full details and add the event on Facebook for the latest updates.

The John Cleland collection

Through an interactive display and a series of talks, visitors will be able to see, hear about, and engage with material related to the anatomist John Cleland (1835-1925), his time, and his anatomical collection– from student class attendance tickets and notes on anatomical demonstrations to illustrated textbooks and anatomical preparations.

Syphilis, stigma and sympathy in 18th Century Britain

This talk will explore how eighteenth-century society viewed victims of venereal disease, looking at the spectrum of emotions the ‘Great Pox’ excited, from hatred to fear and pity.

Unlocking the secrets of barkcloth

Discover how scientists and artists are working together around the world to unlock the secrets of how barkcloth (a distinctive Polynesian textile made mainly of trees) was made and coloured.

Other treats in store: 18th Century Anatomical Drawings; Etchings by Glaswegian artist Muirhead; Bone (1876-1953); Erskine 100 – pioneering prosthetics as well as our permanent displays.

Visit the Explorathon website for more information about how you can get involved in events in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and St. Andrews visit our or follow us on social media (@ernscot #explorathon16). Booking for events may be required.

Look-out for more Glasgow City of Science blog posts as we count down to Explorathon 2016.

*EXPLORATHON (European Researchers’ Night Scotland) is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Sklowdowska-Curie Actions programme. Grant agreement No 722967