Some of the UK’s most advanced quantum computing systems, developed by M Squared and the University of Strathclyde, are to be displayed at a national event.

Quantum computers are hugely powerful devices with the potential to perform calculations faster or well beyond the reach of classical, or binary, computing. Instead of a binary system of zeroes and ones, they operate through superpositions, which may be zeroes, ones or both at the same time.

Strathclyde and M Squared will exhibit their work on neutral atom quantum computing at the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London. Strathclyde have developed a scalable architecture for neutral atom quantum computing and M Squared are demonstrating the UK’s first commercial neutral atom quantum computing system.  The M Squared system, called Maxwell, is a globally state of the art neutral atom platform – the development of which recognised as a key UK milestone in progressing commercially viable quantum computing systems.  


Development at Strathclyde is supported by the Engineering & Physical Research Council Prosperity Partnership SQuAre, along with investment from M Squared. The partnership aims to establish a world-class neutral atom quantum computing platform. It currently has the UK’s largest array of qubits, or quantum bits, which are used to store information.

Dr Jonathan Pritchard, a Reader in Strathclyde’s Department of Physics, is the University’s lead in the project. He said:

“Quantum computing is suitable for a range of applications, including quantum chemistry or material science, but the neutral atom platform is especially well suited for performing analogue quantum optimisation to address a range of industrial- relevant problems such as route planning or graph colouring.  

“It’s a versatile platform for both analogue and digital quantum computing, ideal for exploring optimisation problems and simulation of quantum systems and materials.”

“Neutral atom quantum computing offers unrivalled potential in qubit scaling, whilst attaining gate fidelities and benchmarks that are competitive against alternative platforms. “

“The technology remains under development but our partnership with M Squared Lasers is producing exciting preliminary results and we look forward to displaying this at the Quantum Technologies Showcase.”

New applications

Dr Graeme Malcolm OBE, founder and CEO of M Squared, said:

“Quantum computation is not simply a faster implementation of conventional computing, but a fundamentally new and more powerful way of processing information – one that will enable myriad of new applications.

“The collaborative efforts to realise the potential of quantum computing illustrate Britain’s unique strength in bringing together industry and academia – building on advancements at the frontier of science, out of the laboratory to create real-world applications for the betterment of society.”