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Alex Truesdell, MacArthur Fellow and Founder, Adaptive Design Association New York; Tamara Morgan, Adaptive Design Association New York; Tracey Howe, Professor Rehabilitation Sciences, MCSP, Glasgow Caledonian University and [insert YOUr name]


On Thursday 3rd November 4-5pm

M137 1st floor George Moore Building, Glasgow Caledonian University


Places are limited so book early via eventbrite


Assistive products (e.g. supported seating, standing frames, orthoses, spinal supports), enable people to live productive, independent and dignified lives. Imagine being the parent of a child with a disability, or an adult with a non-communicable disease, or functional decline due to ageing and unable to access the things you need to make life fulfilling. Imagine living in a remote area, conflict zone, or refugee camp or following a natural disaster. Now imagine with us a world where a global network of professionals and amateurs collaborate and co-create solutions to meet your specific needs using locally sourced material – corrugated CARDBOARD (yes really). By amplifying the collective global expertise and infrastructure of organizations doing this at a small scale we will create sustainable pipelines of skilled therapists, local labor forces and empowered communities and create pop-up assistive products services in disaster zones. We are Adaptive Design-Global: Build for One, Engage Everyone, Change Everything.

Our Team:

Glasgow Caledonian University, Adaptive Design Association NYC, the World Confederation of Physical Therapy, the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, and the International Futures Forum.

Our Collabrators include:

WHO GATE initiative, International Federation of Podiatrists, International Society of Prosthetic and Orthotics, The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (USA), Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed Bangladesh.

See more www.adaptivedesign.org and 90 sec video on our plans for the future.

Other opportunities

Can’t make this? See Adaptive Design-Global in action. We are having drop in sessions in the workshop at GCU Monday 31st October, Tuesday 1st November and Wednesday 2nd Nov. Book via eventbrite.