While the coronavirus restrictions will mean students and staff are unable to pack into the Sir Alex Ferguson Library to take part in the world’s biggest games-creation event this year – Glasgow Caledonian University will still be playing its part in Game Jam 2022.

Our community will be joining thousands of designers around the world in the Global Game Jam, a weekend-long event kicking off at 5pm on Friday, January 28, until 5pm Sunday, January 30.

Participants in Game Jam – jammers – are given a theme late on a Friday afternoon. They have 48 hours to create a game based around it.

Glasgow Caledonian University boasted the best attended hub in Scotland at last year’s Game Jam, with 166 jammers.

Hamid Homatash, Lecturer in Applied Computer Games, said: “The Global Game Jam is the game creation highlight of the year and there is always so much happening. There is such an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere at the GCU site, regardless of it being held on campus or virtually.

“It’s a chance for students, staff, GCU alumni and industry professionals to all come together in a focused way to make some great content and have fun doing so. It’s a real community spirit, with everyone helping each other out, no matter what skill level participants are at. It’s one of the reasons why I love being involved with the event, as you always learn new things due to it being so friendly and everyone sharing their ideas and skills. It’s an absolute pleasure and honour to be running this GCU site of the Global Game Jam.”

GCU staff and volunteers will help run the online process and, while jammers are welcome to participate with a pre-arranged team, staff will help people find groups if they don’t have one. 

The Game Jam is open to anyone over the age of 18 who wants to make a game and is either in Glasgow or has an association with the University. You can sign up here.