GCU is playing a leading role in a new initiative designed to transform the textile industry: The Pact for Sustainable Fashion.

This agreement aims to revolutionise the fashion industry by inviting large companies in the textile sector to implement three specific actions in their production processes.

Pact members must agree to champion sustainability from within their organisation, measure the effectiveness of their actions, and promote sustainability across society.

The pact has been launched by the EU-funded Sustainable Fashion Employability Skills (SFES) project, led by GCU’s Dr Lindsey Drylie Carey, which involves universities in France, Portugal, and Spain, and has the backing of luxury brand Harris Tweed Hebrides and Tendam, one of Europe’s largest retail group.

Companies taking part will be asked to measure the success of specific actions and publish the results.

Research shows around 40% of consumers now consider sustainability before making a purchase.

Professor Drylie Carey, principal investigator of the SFES project, said: “Sustainability is not just about the source of your garment or how it ends up in landfills. It is about creating an industry that will maintain and create jobs, passing on the crafts and skills of centuries.”

Professor Drylie Carey explained the motivation behind SFES in an interview on Portuguese national television last month, following a workshop in Funchal, Madeira.