The department of Naval Architecture and Ocean and Marine Engineering professor has been recognised for his ‘pioneering efforts’ in maritime environmental science stretching back more than two decades with the partner university.

Professor Incecik, who has vast research experience in traditional shipbuilding and offshore construction, was instrumental in helping set up the University’s Lighthouse, a national centre for maritime research and innovation in Sweden and beyond.

The centre aims to create a competitive, sustainable and safe maritime sector. One of its long term goals is to reduce any negative effects on the climate, environment and health by increasing energy efficiency and reducing the discharge of harmful emissions.

The professor was awarded the honorary doctorate for his work alongside Chalmers researchers, and said: “I’m delighted to have been honoured in this unexpected way. In 1997 I was invited to help Chalmers set up the Lighthouse and became a member of the original steering group.

“Along with colleagues from the department of Naval Architecture and Ocean and Marine Engineering, I was part of research projects with their Maritime and Shipping department.”

Professor Incecik is also member of the Lighthouse Scientific Advisory Board and has contributed to the development of sustainable shipping research.

He is also a former Lloyd’s Register Chair of Offshore Engineering and founding head of the School of Marine Science and Technology at Newcastle University, as well as an honorary professor at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Harbin Institute of Technology, and a visiting professor at Zhejiang University in China.

The professor will recveive his doctorate at a ceremony at the Swedish university in May.



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