StoriiCare is set to shake up the UK care system, connecting families with their loved ones in care like never before and enabling staff to record their work digitally. After falling ill with kidney failure and seeing reminiscence therapy first hand on his hospital ward, Founder Cameron Graham decided to build an app to help. The app developed over time into a tool that not only benefits those in care, but the care staff, their managers, and families too. They’ve chosen Seedrs to find investors who are just as passionate as they are about improving quality of life in care.

Founded in 2014 by Cameron Graham, StoriiCare is looking to set a new gold standard for ‘person-centred’ care and to help those in care build their life stories, leading to care staff referring to the app as ‘the Facebook for Care’.

StoriiCare’s Founder & CEO Cameron Graham said “With a worldwide ageing population, and an increasing demand for tech within the care sector, there is a real growing need for StoriiCare. We’re leading the way in modern reminiscence therapy.

“The care sector has strict regulatory bodies that require detailed records to be kept, which can lead to staff spending hours completing arduous paperwork. With StoriiCare, their paperwork is digitised and repetition reduced significantly, with staff saving on average 6 hours a week through our platform.”

“We originally started off as a life story app solely for reminiscence, then after listening to feedback and requests from early clients, we realised there was so much more we could add to improve the quality of care provided.”

StoriiCare isn’t just used to record care carried out by staff, it is also used for life story work and reminiscence therapy. “Families can connect with their loved ones’ profiles from around the world and add life story content, such as photos, videos and music playlists. Care staff then use this to aid their understanding of that person’s life, and for direct reminiscence therapy. The results have been amazing.”

Cameron has established relationships with major VCs including Sequoia in Silicon Valley and plans to start US sales in California this year – “When we visited California 2 months ago, we found care communities were in dire need of an improved way to record their care. There were iPads sitting in the nursing homes, but no purpose built care software to use with them. It’s a no brainer to start sales in California whilst at the same time expanding our sales in the UK.”

Robert Kilgour, Original Founder of Four Seasons, and recently appointed Non-Executive Director of StoriiCare said: “I’m delighted to see StoriiCare is opening a funding round on Seedrs. Cameron and his team are incredibly driven – disrupting the care sector is no easy task, but I believe StoriiCare and the team behind it are onto something big. I look forward to supporting the team and to an exciting and productive future.”

Tom Horbye, Senior Campaigns Associate at Seedrs, said: “We are delighted to welcome StoriiCare onto Seedrs, and we wish Cameron and his team success in their crowdfunding campaign. We see the care market as one that is ripe for disruption, having already funded a number of businesses in this sector. We are thrilled they’ve chosen to work with us.”