Creative Scotland, Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Games Network are working together to develop a more coordinated approach to supporting the digital games industry in Scotland.

This work is being delivered in response to a series of recommendations put forward in the inquiry into the Economic Impact of the Creative Industries undertaken by The Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee.

To do this effectively, better intelligence around how people are working and how they see their future businesses evolving, is needed.

Clive Gillman, Director of Creative Industries, Creative Scotland, said: “Scotland’s games are played by millions all over the world – there is no doubt that Scotland has played a hugely significant role in establishing this industry as one of the leading forms of entertainment globally.

“That said, the digital gaming industry here is fast-paced and ever-changing. We want to better understand and support the sector and we’re now asking individuals and organisations working in the industry in Scotland to contribute to this online survey. The intelligence gained will inform and guide support for the sector in the future.

“Given that the dynamism of the digital games sector, we plan to repeat this survey on a twice-yearly basis to help us understand its evolution and we will share this intelligence with partners in the enterprise, education and skills agencies to further develop knowledge and awareness of the digital games sector across all public sector bodies in Scotland.”

The survey is available at until 6pm on Monday 8 February 2016.



Creative Scotland: ‘Mapping Scotland’s Games Industry’

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