Over the last 5 years, some 1,400 young people participating in the Accelerate Programme at the university have chosen from a selection of subjects ranging from physics to business, chemistry to enterprise, completing group challenges and benefiting from the knowledge and experience of undergraduate and postgraduate student mentors from the relevant departments and participants from previous years.

Iain Mitchell, Director of the Accelerate Programme said: “The Accelerate programme gives pupils valuable subject-specific information on courses and careers, improves their personal and professional skills and allows them to make informed choices about their future.

“We challenge pupils to work at a higher level, allowing them to see what University study is like, and set this learning within engaging contexts, be it making paracetamol in the Chemistry labs, designing MP3 players in the Engineering department or taking part in a formal court case in the Law Challenge.

“Our Strathclyde student mentors act as inspirational role models, supporting the pupils through their challenges while creating a relaxed learning environment in which pupils feel able to take on these challenges without fear of failure.


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