We hear consistently from remanufacturers that there is a need for a certification process that will differentiate the high quality remanufactured products they create from the cheaper, lower quality imports appearing on the market today.

The Scottish Institute for Remanufacture (SIR) is holding a workshop on Monday 21st March to address the topic of standards and certification for remanufacture of products in the Automotive and Electronics sectors. The workshop starts at 11.00am and lunch will be provided. We expect to conclude by 3.00pm.

The objective of the workshop is to assess the applicability of the existing BSI standard and determine the certification needs for remanufactured products.

The first part of the workshop will look at the current Remanufacture standard: BS 8887-220:2010 Design for manufacture, assembly, disassembly and end-of-life processing, to discuss how it meets industry requirements and how it is being applied.

We will then focus on certification. What certification is required for remanufactured products in these sectors? What type of standard should this be? Should it be self-certifying or 3rd party validated?


SIR, University of Strathclyde,
Department of DMEM,
James Weir Building,
75 Montrose Street,
Glasgow, G1 1XJ

Reserve your place:

If you are interested in attending this workshop and influencing a certification program for remanufactured products, please email sir-enquiries@strath.ac.uk to confirm your place.



The Scottish Institute for Remanufacture