The committee was hosted by QuantIC, the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging, which is based at the University of Glasgow. Following a written submission from QuantIC to the committee, the hub was asked to host an oral evidence session in connection with the inquiry, which is focussing on the next phase of the National Quantum Technologies Programme, and what is needed to support the UK’s quantum industry going forward.

Professor Erling Riis from the University of Strathclyde, Dr Sara Diegoli from QuantIC, Professor Timothy Spiller from the Quantum Communications Hub, Dr Richard Walker from Photon Force, Professor Martin Dawson from the Fraunhofer Centre and Dr Graeme Malcolm from M2 Lasers all gave evidence to the panel.

In conjunction with the event at Kelvin Hall, QuantIC also exhibited a number of demonstrators such as Wee-g, Indipix and the Multiplexed Single Photon timing Fluorescence system in advance of the session to the committee and also to the public, who had the opportunity to attend.

Attending committee members, Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, Bill Grant MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP and Carol Monaghan MP were “immensively impressed” with what they saw and QuantIC’s “inspiring” researchers.

Professor Steve Beaumont, QuantIC director, said: “There is a rich network of collaborative relationships between academia and industry in developing quantum technologies in Scotland and I think the message came across loud and clear to the committee that there are still further opportunities to explore.”




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