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The New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus

The project: The New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus

The challenge:  Building the New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus, one of the worlds most advanced centres of medicine, industry, Stratified Medicine, learning and training.

The purpose: Developing one of the world’s most advanced centres for Stratified Medicine, training, patient care and industry advancement, bringing together academics, industry, students and the NHS in one, state-of-the-art facility.

The people: The infrastructure developments at the New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus (SGH) are being developed by the University of Glasgow, led by Professor Anna Dominiczak, Vice Principal and Head of College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences, in partnership with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde.

The Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre (SMS-IC) is a consortium including Health Science Scotland, incorporating NHS Scotland and the Universities of Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh, and core industry partners, Aridhia and Thermo Fisher Scientific. The SMS-IC appointed two key members of staff: Chairman Dr David U’Prichard and Chief Operating Officer, Dr Mark Beggs.

The research infrastructure developments at the SGH, which represent an investment in the region of £50 million, are funded by the University of Glasgow and NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, with funding support from sources including the UK Research Partnership Investment Fund, Sackler Foundation, European Regional Development Fund, Glasgow City Council, the Wellcome Trust, Wolfson Foundation and Scottish Enterprise.

The outcomes: Once open in 2015, the New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus (SGH) will be the largest hospital in Western Europe. It will house a £25M Learning and Teaching facility as well as an Innovation facility, which will accommodate the new Stratified Medicine Scotland Innovation Centre (SMS-IC) and a number of incubator units for industry.

A new Clinical Research Facility for stratified medicine clinical trials in adults, adolescents and children will be established, plus a research imaging suite, including the UK’s first 7 Tesla MRI scanner in a clinical site.

The impact: As well as being an incubator for industry-innovation and training the next generation of global leaders in the field of stratified medicine, the facility could generate £10.4m of new clinical trial income for Scotland and £61m in new revenues accruing to 2017 and beyond.

Around 334 new industry jobs will be created, with the whole site potentially leading to more than £68m gross value added impact over the next five-funding horizon.

The ultimate impact will of course be to patient health in Scotland, and beyond.

Most importantly however, NSGH will save lives through its advanced treatment facilities and pioneering work in the field of Stratified Medicine.


This case study was published in May 2014.



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