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Water for ALL aims to improve safe water access in Africa

Centre for Climate Justice credit GCU

The project: Water for ALL is a project, led by Glasgow Caledonian University's Centre for Climate Justice, with the aim of improving access to clean water among vulnerable groups in Malawi and Zambia.

 The challenge: Rural communities, particularly women and children, face major challenges in their access to water, often facing long walking distances and risking diseases from contaminated water.

The purpose: The Water for ALL project aims to help sustainably achieve equity in access to safe water. Improving equity and entitlement in water access will combat disease and poverty in the region, while also promoting dignity, compassion and solidarity among the people.

The people and partners: The project is led by Professor Tahseen Jafry, Director of Glasgow Caledonian University’s Centre for Climate Justice. GCU will work with the Centre for Social Research at the University of Malawi and the University of Lusaka. Project funding has been awarded from the Scottish Government’s Climate Justice Fund.

The outcomes: A number of frameworks and policies are set to promote sustainable water resource management and facilitate the equitable provision of satisfactory water. The project will share knowledge to support national strategies on water and the governments’ gender policies, addressing society challenges through a climate justice framework.

The impact: The project aligns with the Scottish Government’s priorities in international development, as well as GCU’s social mission to work for the common good at home and abroad. It demonstrates Scotland’s role in championing climate justice and supporting the development of climate adaptation solutions. In leading by example, Scotland may encourage other nations to help tackle climate justice and learn from existing projects.

This case study was published in April 2015



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